Setting up leave and absence plans – 6 – running accruals

By | 20th December 2018

Accruals are boring and surely nobody’s favourite subject, but they have to be done.

You have to tell Talent to go away and run the code that calculates what leave people are entitled to. You do this from the Leave and absence workspace, under Links > Manage leave > Accrue leave and absence plans. You can also do it directly from the worker form if you don’t want to run the whole thing.

Accruals are dead simple, you just select whether you want to run it from today’s date, or a custom date. Both might apply – in my example I want to accrue as of the first day of my next leave year – so I get all accrual transactions in the run up to the switchover. You can set accruals to run in the background, in a batch job, and automate their recurrence. I’m not going to teach you how to do that – there’s plenty of stuff about batch jobs on MS Docs – give it a google.

When you run accruals you need to know the sequencing of accrual transactions. There are some changes expected in this area but as of right now, the accrual transaction happens before the carryover transaction when you run accruals.


  • I have 8 days of leave remaining in the current leave year
  • I’m due to accrue 26 days for next year
  • I’m only allow to carry over 5 days

What you would expect to happen:

  • Accruals are run
  • Carryover adjustment is made (-3 days on my balance to bring 8 days down to 5)
  • Accrual award is made (+26 days for the new year)
  • New balance = 31 days

What actually happens:

  • Accruals are run
  • Accrual award is made (+26 days for the new year – my balance is now 8 + 26 = 34)
  • Carryover adjustment is made (-29 days to bring 34 days down to 5)
  • New balance = 5 days

Workaround – make your carry over amount on each plan the full accrual amount plus maximum carryover (until this gets resolved, which should be in the fairly near future).

You’ve accrued. Everyone’s got some balance. They’re booking leave left right and centre. Go and make a cuppa and then get on with payroll.

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